The Lab Dance

Some of the animation student at the Academy of Art and me started our own drawing blog. Every week we decide on a theme and each of us post a drawing related to that theme. It is really cool because it forces us to draw and not just sit in front of a computer all day long, which we 3D animators do a lot! Since all of us usually work it the school’s animation lab, the blog called Lab Dance – check it out!

and here are my contributions to the Lab dance:

Rambo Trasportation

Transportation with wheels

Stoner monkey

Work in Progress

Here's the blocking of another shot from my thesis. the first part is already animated.
there is a woman in a window above him and he just offered her a flower, and she refused. this is his second attempt tp impress her.
I would like to hear your comments.

More Sketches

when ever I got the time (which is not often), I try to go to those human figure workshops:

Just some old sketches I found in my sketchbook:

Pull Sword

Another Animation test with Antigus, the main character of my net film


Last semester I took some old animation tests and polished them. This Is Capoeria -a Brazilian artial art.

When I get bored at class

Last summer semester was really tough; the students and the instructors kept move constantly (I can't understand those humans), and wouldn’t just stop and let me draw them peacefully. Here are the results of higher education:

Who Am I?

This is an old caricature of mine; I encountered it today and decided to finish it.
I am not so sure about the resemblance. Can you tell who it is?