It is really hard to draw animals because they are moving all the time. Good thing those guys were stuffed. From the Oakland museum:

Now those ones are really live animals, drawn in the Oakland Zoo. Can you guys tell the difference?

Of course, after a while I got bored from the animals and preferred to draw on of my classmates. Hope she doesn't mind...

just another sketch

this is an overbearing character from an imaginary animation film I had in mined. maybe I will publish the story later.

And here's another one from the same story:

I was working on a bad guy character, so I looked at some references, Toni soprano was one of them. The next day I was doodling for myself, and this one just came up. just tried to get the feeling of somebody who doesn't like people to mess with him

Sketches from Class

Those are some sketches from character design class. The main idea is to draw from a live model, but instead of being loyal to what we see, I use the model as a reference. Proportion and shaped are being changed and stabilized to create a new design.

Sometimes I get bored drawing the model, so I just sketch my class mates...

Stone Lifting

This is an animation test of Antigus, the main character from my upcoming short film.


I started this sketch long time ago. I had some spare time so I worked on it a little today –but then I got tired. So, I just posted it the way it is, and I will come back to it later (maybe).

Man's Best Friend

This short is the final project of my undergrad studies. I studies traditional animation at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. The last year was all dedicated to this film and it over 5,000 drawings to complete it. The original music is by composer Ronny Reshef, and the film was screened at Israel festival, while the "Mahapecha" orchestra played the music live. I also got help with the background coloring and design from class mate Marina Shidletsky. The film was dedicated for my late dog, Bundy, who died while in production. May her soul lead us the way…